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Being able to speak other languages highly enhances your resume


Do you need other languages to grow professionally?

Have you ever rejected a job due to your fear of speaking in other tongues?, Would you like to improve you level to take your business further?, Do you need to prepare a presentation in a foreign language?… In METworldeducation we are here to help you overcome your fears and achieve your goals. We help you with your pronunciation, prepare conferences, presentations and job interviews, with a specific vocabulary according to each situation.

What are your needs?

We help you to prepare the presentation, conference or workshop that your client or company hopes you can make in a foreign language. Would you like to open up new international markets? We help you understand the essential cultural differences for a great international negotiation.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide personalized training, always taking into account the need and priority of our clients, either a company or a professional

Forget about conventional language lessons. At METworldeducation we offer different training solutions, adapted to the needs of our clients. We are hete to accompany you on your projects.

Bonus training

We manage the bonus for the Fundación Tripartita de Formación de Empleo (FTFE), which recognized the minimum amount of €420 for any company that conducts training. Check your quantity without obligations. It can be discounted up to 100%.

About us

We have more than 20 years of experience in the business world and in the educational sector, and thanks to this, we can offer personalized and appropriate advice to each professional profile. Our accredited teachers and partners abroad guarantee us success in achieving your goals.

METworldeducation was born from METbarcelona. Using England and Barcelona as joint hubs, METbarcelona was created with the vocational idea of getting both educational systems interact. It is composed by independent consultants with experience in finding and arranging foreign stays aimed at learning or improving a language. It is committed to advice and organize language courses abroad in a personalized way, addressed to all people (children, teenagers, adults, families…).

We are committed to building personal “life-long” relationship with our customers in order to provide a unique experience of the highest safety and service standards. Our aim is to achieve a valuable lifetime memory to both students and teachers.